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Privacy Policy

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The following statement is being communicated in compliance with article 13 of the Legislative Act 196/2003.

By completing Pointel Communication Spa' s reservation form, an automatic system will send to your pre-selected facility your information in order to have your explicit requests met. The system will also use your information to i) generate an account for eventual promotions of the requested service and ii) participate in future prize-winning contests. Information will therefore be gathered also from facilities from which a reservation was requested; these facilities will use this information exclusively in compliance with the law in force so that the requested service will be provided.

The information will not be given to third parties other than involved agencies, unless the communication or diffusion of the requested information is required, in compliance with the law, by the police, the judiciary authorities or information and security organizations or other public individuals whose scope is to defend or protect the state, to prevent, ascertain or repress crimes. The information will be given to the facility that will be providing the service.

The information will be gathered directly from the company and agencies involved in providing the service; this will be done with the assistance of computer information equipment which adopt all of the security measures capable of guaranteeing the discretion and integrity of the information. In compliance with the article 7 of the Legislative Act 196/2003, you have the right at any time to obtain from the overseer of the handling of information how your information is being handled, what are its conditions, how it will eventually be used and what logic will be applied to it. In addition, you also have the right to obtain:

  1. confirmation of the existence of the data, its transmission and the origin of its transmission;
  2. the extreme identifying marks; of the owner and of the managers as well as the subjects or the categories of the subjects to whom the information can be transmitted or who can learn of the information as managers or employees;
  3. the update, correction and integration of information;
  4. the cancellation, the anonymous transformation, the blocking of information handled in violation of the law;
  5. the attestation that the operations mentioned in points 3 and 4 were brought to the attention of those people to whom the information was transmitted and diffused, with the exception of the case in which the execution of such action proves to be impossible or involves a task with means that are clearly disproportionate with respect to the rights being protected;
  6. to oppose oneself: to the handling of the information even though it is pertinent to the intent of its collection, for legitimate reasons; to the handling of the information for commercial intentions or for marketing research.

The ordinance of information is optional but the refusal to provide it could result in the inability to provide the service requested. The owner of the handling of information is Pointel Communication Spa insomuch as concerns the data that is transmitted to the receiving facilities as well as the data that is necessary for you to receive an explanation of which services are pertinent to the prize -winning contests designed by the manager - Piazza Trieste e Trento 9 - 80077 Ischia (NA)

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